F is for Flaxseed

Flax is such a freaking cool plant. It’s so multipurpose: we eat it, we wear it, we use it in industrial products. And it’s a star in one of my favorite cartoons. (You should really check out that cartoon link–it features woodland creatures making pants. And it’s from Eastern Europe in the 50′s.) Anyway, keeping to the whole alphabet concept,... read more

Solar Eclipse

This week I have to gush a bit: I was lucky enough to see a solar eclipse. Not total, but eighty-seven percent of the Sun was covered. Unbelievably cool, no? It turns out I didn’t know much about the reality of eclipses–I was thinking it was going to be pretty damn dark; not so. I learned that when  thirteen percent of the Sun’s rays reach the earth, it’s... read more

YOLO, Quaker Missionary Style

Quotes that have muddy attributions got that way through their own strengths–they’re published and republished because they’re the ones that people love, post on their fridge, mail to their friends, and remember in times of soul-searching or stress. This one may have been said by Stephen Grellet, a Quaker missionary. Or another Quaker, William Penn. Some people... read more

Eco-Guilt and Small Steps

Once again, I’m about to book a ticket to fly halfway around the world. My husband’s family lives on one continent, my family on another, and we live on a third. Yeah, and I travel a lot as a hobby. There’s no question that this is bad for the environment. And while I’m getting out the whip, I may as well flagellate myself for my outsized shoe collection,... read more

E is for Endive

This post, the next in the Food Alphabet series, has been delayed as I’ve been scouring the city for endive! Sadly, I am forced to conclude that endive is just not available here in October. (Neither was escarole, the green that some people call ‘Batavian endive’, so I’m sticking with the original plan.) That means you won’t get photos of this salad... read more

From Home to Haven in 6 Weeks

My husband and I live in a teeny tiny apartment. It’s one of those soulless rentals with moldy curtains, iffy appliances, and disgusting carpet. As is typical, we’re not allowed to make any holes in the wall, so hanging things is a challenge. We don’t have a lot of space (or drawers), so what mess there is really shows. I’d like to feel more comfortable in... read more

Exercise For the Lazy: Ankle Weights Edition

Either I’ve sunk to a new low, or I’m crazy like a fox: for the past month, I’ve been strapping on a pair of ankle weights at home. Perfect for lazy people No, I’m not exactly exercising with them; I’m just wearing them around. I don’t really care if I look like a fool at home, and I figure that with every step I take around the house (like from... read more

Gratitude (And a Story About a Tiny House)

My husband and I live in a tiny apartment. Most of the time it feels pretty cramped, but today it feels just right. Spacious, even. Why? We had (very considerate) houseguests for a week, and they’ve just left. My sudden appreciation of how sufficient our apartment really is reminds me of a children’s book I used to have (but have had no luck locating, despite finding... read more
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